Food menu

Classic product A for full-year (dish that can be provided in a short time)

Okinawa pickled squid 350yen(tax included)
Pickled in Nambucana 400yen(tax included)
Mesh pickle of smoked duck 500yen(tax included)
Shirasu white tamamushi (dried shit and radish) 400yen(tax included)
Appetizer squid 400yen(tax included)
Edamame Small 400yen(tax included) - Large 1000yen(tax included)
Sea urchin cream croquette 500yen(tax included)
Yamato's Isobe fried 350yen(tax included)
If you put crabs into a clam 500yen(tax included)
potato salad 350yen(tax included)
mini salad 200yen(tax included)

Classic product B for the whole year (dishes ordered waiting in order)

Mexican Tempura 450yen(tax included)
Licking a girl 500yen(tax included)
disaster bingo 800yen(tax included)
True hockey opening from Hokkaido 700yen(tax included)
Cooking together chicken meatballs and seasonal vegetables 650yen(tax included)
beef red meat steak flavor source 1000yen(tax included)
Fried Shumai 500yen(tax included)
horse sting

Only red meat, red meat and mane (mix) mix can be chosen according to your request.

1000yen(tax included)
Chicken thigh meat saute flavor source 500yen(tax included)
Grilled sausage 600yen(tax included)

Classic products of the whole year C

With rice and miso soup pickles 400yen(tax included)
Miso soup single item 200yen(tax included)
With rice balls and miso soup pickles 500yen(tax included)
rice ball (2 pieces) 300yen(tax included)
1 rice ball 150yen(tax included)

Sweetness menu

Vanilla ice cream and tea set

It may seem like a joke to melt vanilla ice cream at room temperature while melting vanilla ice cream on the tongue but it seems like a joke, but it is a combination that becomes a habit to become familiar with customers who come here " .
※ We will wait for you to visit because the sake you use can not be taught on the net.

Haya liquor set only 600yen(tax included)

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Just a sunday 11:00〜20:00 from june