From the daytime, sake

It's not fun to take a bath but it's fun to add sake at the time of lunch or lunch time (with lunch). Is it bad you drank in the daytime? Eisaburo is the store that proposes a good way to say it.

delicious! Dessert and sake

Although seasonal ingredients and sake are recommended, shopkeepers recommend another way to enjoy. Please try some sake instead of tea with sake which changes sweetness and taste changes and it increases umami. The concept of sake will jump.

Knowing, deepening sake brewing

People who love sake, people who do not understand the goodness of sake yet, whenever you visit, you will definitely go home, and when you visit, you know deeply about sake and you will surely deepen your love for sake.

Anxiety ~ Shinsui ~

The shop owner caught by the appeal of sake, and spreading through sake such as friendship with sellers, friendship with sellers, interaction with sick people who likes something else for a long time, a conversation with shopkeepers who are keenly aware of sake, Please fully enjoy the cuisine of our attention.


  1. Little by little (75㎖) It is possible to drink various brands of wine.

    As ordinary unit of sake, 180 ml each of 1 consolidation (otoshin) 2 consolidation (surplus) is common, but our shop is "1 gourmet cup" (75 ml order unit is newly established. It is a conclusion that the shopkeeper himself continues to hold doubts in the trend that one must order one by one a sake that you do not know whether it is the item you like. On the menu, all the drinks that we will offer in the set course of 3 items and 5 items leave it to the shopkeeper as set with the dish recommended by the shopkeeper, so we are in size It may be fun to find your favorite sake at your place, and I think that there is also a way to enjoy drinking and compare various brands of sake by customer's free choice. Customers who have decided on favorite stocks will be pleased if you can order dealable "otoshigashi" or "surprise" sizes.

  2. Enjoy cooking that makes use of seasonal ingredients.

    As the menu changes little by little every season according to the change of the season, you can feel the season feeling every time you visit again. We will keep in mind that we can make a menu change by blog as much as possible, so please browse it too.

  3. Enjoy the latest sake brought by season from brewer of handled stock.

    As with sake crops, sake is delivered to our end users after one cycle of process in a year. However, I do not think that there are many people who know that each sake brewery is shipping limited liquor liquor which bottles only once a year for each season. It will be unavoidable since it will only be available for consumption by stakeholders and maniacs, but since we will try to be able to retrieve it as much as possible and introduce it to our customers, I would like to look forward to your visit. Also we will keep in touch with your arrival information via blog so please browse there too.


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